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Lara  and baby

  Joan and Richard

Artists, writers, photographers, world travelers, explorers and bon vivants - the Mears family enjoy life and believe in the adage “You wait for what you wish for, you work for what you get.”  Starting with Richard’s uncle, Elton Mears (a classical pianist, linguist and professor at John Hopkins University), the Mears family have operated the Whistler’s Inn for almost 50 years.  


Richard, Joan and their daughters, Lisa and Lara, took over the operation of the inn from their Elton in 1976.  They moved to the Berkshires from northern California and transitioned into the inn-keeping business to allow themselves the flexibility to pursue their interests in the arts, to travel more and to meet interesting people from around the world who visit the inn.  They also liked the proximity of Lenox to Boston, New York City and to Europe, where they often visit.


Richard is a published writer (Ebb of the River, Wyndham Books, Simon and Schuster; Anubis Rex, Publish America;  and two children's’ books, Tuxedo  Blue Publishing.

(  Joan is a retired high school English and art teacher, who continues to pursue her interests in ceramics, painting, and writing articles for the opinion page of our local newspaper.  Lara, who got her early work experience at the inn, later got a job with Martha Stuart.  She then moved to Paris and London for ten years.  She now lives in New York City.  Her three young children are now getting their “early work experience” at the inn when they visit on weekends.

Lisa, the manager of Whistler’s Inn, has travelled all over the world and has documented her travels in photography, painting, writing and video.   Lisa now spends most of her time in the beautiful Berkshires, where she teaches in local schools.  She loves meeting the guests who come to Whistler’s Inn from around the world and finds that her fluency in Spanish, French and Portuguese is a real asset.  She is an excellent gourmet cook, specializing in exotic dishes from recipes she’s picked up from around the world.


Whistler’s Inn, Lenox, MA 01240, tel. (413) 637-0975 /fax (413) 637-6989,  

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