Whistler’s Inn Rate Schedule

                   Daily Rates for Double Occupancy                       May 15    -    Nov. 15        
                   Based on Room Size                                              Mid-Week    Week-end    

                  Small/double or single                             $177               $188            #6, #10, #11
                  Medium/queen                                          $218               $222            #1

                  Large/double or twins                              $211               $252            #2, #8
                  Double (in cabin)                                      $218               $222            #12  

                  Large/king or queen                                 $286               $334            #3, #4, #9

                  Large/Master bedrooms                           $300               $336            #5, #7
                  with fireplaces    

                  Large/king bedroom                                 $300               $336            #14 

                  Medium/queen bed                                   $218               $324            #15   
All rooms have full private baths and most are air-conditioned.  Several have working fireplaces.  Room rates include a generous buffet breakfast and complementary sherry, port or tea.

Deposits and cancellations:  A minimum deposit of fifty percent (50%) of your lodging is required to guarantee a reservation.  This deposit can be paid by check or credit card (phone reservation or by email) and will be credited at the end of your stay.  If a deposit is to be paid by check, it must be received within ten days of the reservation.  If the check is not received, the deposit will be made on the credit card that was given at the time the reservation was made in order to maintain the reservation.  On cancellations prior to 14 days before the reservation date, the deposit will be refunded less 10%.  On cancellations with less than 14 days before the reservation date, the room charge will be refunded at 90% if we are able to rent the room.  Check-in begins at 3p.m. and check-out is 12:00 noon.

During the weekends of July, August, October and on holidays we require a three-night lodging unless rooms are available otherwise.  Room rates will be the same as summer weekend rates for those holidays which fall on weekdays.

We will not be responsible for accidents or injuries to guests or for loss of money, jewelry or valuables of any kind.
For further information, please call or write to:

                                                   Whistler’s Inn
                                                  5 Greenwood St.
                                                 Lenox, MA 01240
                                          TELEPHONE: (413) 637-0975
                                               FAX:  (413) 637-2190

                             e-mail:   info@whistlersinnberkshires.com




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Whistler’s Inn, Lenox, MA 01240, tel. (413) 637-0975 /fax (413) 637-6989        

e-mail:  info@whistlersinnberkshires.com

Website:  http://www.whistlersinnberkshires.com

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(Rates are based on a single or double occupancy. Rates change according to demand. Each         extra guest is charged $30 per person).

5 Greenwood St. Lenox, MA 01240

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